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2lipstube and after a few drinks. Well, I decided it was an opportunity for more fun, so I ran my nails gently over K is the mountain of Venus, which came a lttle moan, so I started to play with her ​​clitoris and the opening through bikini. They responded by arching her back and left little shudder, oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. I looked to our neighbors to the beach, the eye contact and smiled, and then he started playing with his cock through his bathing suit. First activated more strongly in this scenario, I went to 2lipstube K was pussy and my cock now in my shorts to work stress. I told K- I hope you do 2lipstube not mind, but they are being watched " They asked me so the guy I decscribed. It opened his 2lipstube eyes look like before this time, but only said :" Do not dare stop, I'm so wet " with their bodies rubbing up against me furiously finger saw our friend, who now jerks his cock even their underwear. she gave him a smile and he smiled back. he took this as an 'ok 'to proceed to the next phase, which was not what we had and since then got up, walked over and lay down beside K and started playing with her tits, which he rescued from the top. the following is that she turned and began to kiss her, of course, totally excited, as I do now. I was in a "spoon" position behind it and really went to workI reached her pussy in her bikini, her pussy to find the wettest he had never met. With these word
Quotes of our friend grabbed the tail it out of his pants and began masturbating furiously while he kissed her. This was too much for me, so he got bikini on one side and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. She responded to my surprise and was rapidly approaching orgasm, as our new friend. For all of us in groans extacsy, I would say we were all there, so cum and pulled the tail of our friend K in the direction of her breasts as his sperm, which fell into his chest, neck and chin punctuated by I shuddered as she one of the most intense orgasms I have known you have. It took me over the edge, and I was filling my pussy with my cum, with what appeared to be eternal. A we all stood there for a moment, completely exhausted, and then our friend put his cock back in his shorts, Lent 2lipstube K forward and kissed him and said " thank you" before moving into place. Determination raised 2lipstube his book and continued reading as if nothing had happened and gave us the afternoon on the beach. All that was said during the meeting had been his thanks, not even ask her name. When the beach to the left about an hour later, he passed us, smiled and said "Goodbye " before his disappearance, so very pleased with our stay at the 2lipstube beach and allows for some incredible sex intense of the remains of our holiday. Satisfied Let Albufeira in late April, we expect a different beach experience. If you are going to be there to contact, you never know.... !


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This is a true story that my friend ( K) and I was in Spain last year. They are not hardened swingers but enjoyed the company of the other and vice versa. We sometimes very funny, but only if immediately as K does not like the idea of ​​pre -arranged meet happen. We were lying asleep on the beach in a bikini with its days of K, while I was on my side facing her. After rubbing sun cream on her beautiful body, I sat at the light caress, who seemed to enjoy. She is not really an exhibitionist, but I took the opportunity and put my hand under the bikini top and started playing with his nippple. Soon he began to harden, and she let out a low moan of satisfaction while involentary, legs slightly apart. That made my cock begin to swell and I knew I had 2lipstube the green light to go ahead, but do not know how far you want to go. After a minute or two, I let my fingers start to caress her thighs, entering theide and then around the edge of her bikini. I felt the heat of her pussy and the change in his breathing told me they really like this, which has now made my penis swell to the maximum. I looked over it, on the beach and realized that a man had twenty yards away from us. The obviosly had noticed what was happening when he was on his side in front of us pretending to read a book. It was probably about 30 years, handsome, tall, dark and well-toned body, the type of person who wants to be and how I knew that K was flirting with lust